Kyoto's famous restaurant "Arakawa"

Welcome back to Risshisha.
This is Nakaki!
The hot days continue; we hope you're fine.

The other day, I went to Arakawa, a famous restaurant in Kyoto.
A long-established meat restaurant founded in 1968.
You can see the owner's knife handling and the fresh meat.
When the course meal begins,
you can see the politeness of the work
from the appetizer before entering the meat dish.
I expect that demand for meat dishes in the future
will increase due to their elegant and robust taste.

Tongue, loin, fillet, skirt steak, tail all parts are so beautiful,
and the more you chew, the more luxurious the taste becomes.

From the moment you enter the restaurant to the moment you leave
The hospitality of the owner and staff lives on in every corner.
I can understand why the restaurant became famous.

Please enjoy the taste and service of a famous restaurant that you rarely come to.


Kyoto's famous restaurant "Arakawa"

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