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What to think of when you think about Kyoto is the
beautiful and traditional landscape of the
long seres of the hipped roofs
of the Japanese style wooden houses

But the traditional Japanese wooden houses
called "Kyo Machiya"
is facing the crisis of vanishment
in the wave of modernization through Showa
and Heisei era

Sometimes to the concrete building structures
Sometimes abandoned and wheathered
Sometimes simply destroyed to the plane ground

Many Kyo Machiya houses have been vanishing

It is not easy to keep paying the costs of maintenance of Kyo Machiya
It is not easy to tolerate living in the inconvenient traditional wooden houses
built over 100 years ago

For many reasons,
It is not easy to maintain Kyo Machiya for individuals and companies

Seeing this situation over years
I started thinking that if there is anything I can do to help to maintain Kyo Machiya
and to save the traditional Kyoto landscape

I decided to found my own company Risshisha to pursue my goal

But how can we utilize Kyo Machiya in our modern life more
in stead of just keeping them in our old nostalgic memories?

I thought of transforming Kyo Machiya to Hotel

Without much changing their original external look
Reformed their interior brand new utilizing the modern technology

Possible to stay in the traditional Kyo Machiya
with the modern comfortability as

beautiful interior look, modern bath, toilet, kitchen, air conditioning and
even the the floor heating system during the winter

4 of our hotels have been made to dog friendly so
you can enjoy traveling Kyoto with your precious family member dog

We are looking forward to meeting you.
We truly wish you enjoy our Kyo Machiya hotels.

Town Machiya Project

Toshikuru ◆Higashiyama Kaii 《Toshikuru》
Yamatane Museum of Art


Go sightseeing in Kyoto for a more dramatic trip

Go sightseeing in Kyoto for a more dramatic trip
Go sightseeing in Kyoto for a more dramatic trip
Go sightseeing in Kyoto for a more dramatic trip
Go sightseeing in Kyoto for a more dramatic trip

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The elegant scenery of Kyoto is full of famous locations that have been restored and treasured over the generations. Many places will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to the Edo period. A lot of Kyoto’s charms are best experienced on foot. Visitors to this city are welcomed by a traditional townscape. Let’s go for a walk in Kyoto.

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