Hello this is Nakaki 
from Risshisha!

About 10 minutes on foot from SGR Kamogawa.
A renovated 150-year-old Kyomachiya
A restaurant where you can enjoy a la carte dishes
based on natural wine and French cuisine.

At the entrance of the shop, there is a beautiful indigo-dyed noren.
When you pass through the noren,
the atmosphere of Kyomachiya remains,
and the soft lights shine in various places.
A space filled with expectations for the future.

This restaurant with an open kitchen has a live feel.
Since I can see the menus that other customers ordered,
I ordered this and that. (lol).

Enjoy ingredients from the sea and mountains.
It's a French-based dish, but you can enjoy it casually.

This shop can be visited in various scenes.
Anniversaries, important days,
days you want to have fun with friends and colleagues
A hearty steak and wine, or a little bit of wine
"TONA KYOTO," which is close to everything
Please go there!


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