Gion festival 2023

Hello this Nakaki
from Risshisha!

I also went to the "Gion Festival" this year.
Japan's three major festivals.

For about a month,
the town of Kyoto prayed for good health.
The floats are set up,
and there is a festive commotion.

The coronavirus has eased this year,
and it is different from last year.
The bustle of the past is back.

For Risshisha, this year's Gion Festival is a little different.
In front of the Webase KYOTO hotel,
which has been renewed this year,
Floats are set up, and stalls are lined up.

And the Risshisha staff also
helped carry Iwatoyama on their backs!
Being able to participate in a traditional event
with a history of 1150 years
Also, Risshisha is grateful to have been able
to continue the tourism business in Kyoto
with the theme of inheriting tradition.

Please support Risshisha's future activities.

I hope to be able to report on the Gion Festival
on this blog next year.

It's a personal story,
but there's still a little "Konchikichin" flowing (lol).

*Konchikichin is the sound of a gong at the Gion festival. The gong itself is called a konchiki. 


Gion festival 2023

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