Eat and walking around Kyoto (大傳梅梅 Daiden meimei)

Hi, Welcome back to Risshisha!
This is Maeda.

This time it is still related to our newly opened hotel [SGR Kamogawa]
I'll introduce the restaurant near the hotel.

[SGR Kamogawa] is located along the Kiyamachi Street.
5 min by walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi

There is a lot of a nice restaurant 
at Kiyamachi street.
So happy whemn walking around.

This time, when walk down to the south, 
from SGR Kamogawa to the Kiyamachi,
I found the Chinese Restaurant.

This is the
「大傳梅梅 (Daiden Meimei)」


This look of a shop, Very tasteful.
I was interested for a long time.
The shop of the European-style building where there is so exotic.

As for lunch,
Dim Sum is popular
for this restaurant.

When enter at an entrance,
there is a Peking Duck hangs down suddenly,
athmosphere was perfect.

As I was led to the second floor,
the seat with the mysterious nostalgic feeling spreads,
and I got nervous.

It is close to Kamogawa,
From between the wooden house outside the window,
I see a river and hear the call of bird.

Dishes, colorful water dumpling
Is pretty. ^^
The taste was delicious, too.

There are appetizer and the dessert, too
The quantity was plentiful, too.

大傳梅梅(Daiden Meimei)
〒600-8015 Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Minoya-cho173

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