Eating and Walk around Kyoto (IKARIYA 523)

Hello, this is Maeda.
Welcome to Risshisha!

It becomes the restaurant introduction
series of our Hotel SGR Kamogawa that opened the other day.
This time is IKARIYA 523

There is several shops of IKARIYA
restaurant near the SGR Kamogawa,
Unfortunately, it was fully booked,
so i visited another shop in Kiyamachi Sanjo IKARIYA 523.
※Picture from the official site

The wonderfull remodeled
French Bistro shop,consist of 3 floor
The good sense glares with both 
the appeatance and the interior.

I ordered 4 dish Ala carte.

At first is today's recommendation
Carpaccio salad.
Be something by a thick slice
It was soo delicious.

As for the vegetables of the contract
farmhouse in the suburbs of Kyoto
It is organic vegetables.

Next, and a shop sign menu
"cocotte souffle quiche"

Crispy in outside and soft inside,
with the thick sliced bacon inside.
The aroma fresh from the oven was wonderfull!
This is good.
It is the taste that i want to share to everybody.

The Linguine with Kujo leek 
and white fleshed fish are taste plainly.

The last is steak with Red wine Souce.

it was delicious 
highly recomended.

The taste, volume, and service is the best
As expected it is a popular restaurant.

I've always been interested,
because the appearance of IKARIYA is wonderful, and also tasty
and what makes me happy is the reasonable price.

In the French Alley at Kiyamachi Kyoto
I can taste the view of the world of the bistro.
It was wonderful shop.

523 Kamiosakacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


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