Walking around Kyoto (Mibudera~The connention place of Shinsengumi)

Hello welcome back to Risshisha!
This is Maeda.

The colored leaves of Kyoto are approximately over, too
From now on for a while
I want to introduce the
"Walking around Kyoto"
In place of "colored leaves series of Kyoto" 

This time I would like to introduce
the place that has connection with Shinsengumi
also near Risshisha office, Mibudera temple.

Sacred place for Shinsengumi fans
Mibudera Temple.

It is in the quiet residential area, but
It is the place where crowds all the time.

Close to Mibudera
There is former Yagi residence.
It is a used place by the late
Tokugawa period as a garrison of Shinsengumi.

Now it is becomes traditional sweet shop.
and if you pay the entrance admissions

You can participate in the tour
of this this house with tea cake set.

When Serizawakamo was assassinated,
there are still wounds of the sword as those days.

A cake called "Kyo Chafure" selling in this shop
is very delicious.

Nearby, there is the old Maekawa's House, too.
there is also small souvenir shop.

It also uploaded in Youtube
Please check it !

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