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Wooden bucket and bath chair

Hi, Welcome back to RISSHISHA!
How have you been? hope you're doing wellwink
Luckly typhoon did not affect Kyoto much, so we RISSHISHA are doing well. 

Even today is cloudy in Kyoto, we would like to show you the new things at our Lodging. 
There are OKE (桶) and OFURO ISU (お風呂椅子). What is that?surprise 
Maybe some people not common with this things. Don`t worry we'll explain it to you're all. smiley
OKE in japanese is meaning bucket, and OFURO ISU is bath chair. This things are very common at every japanese houses. They use bucket and chair while taking bath. 

Wooden Bucket and Bath Chair at KOSETSU

Long ago japanese used bucket and bath chair made by wood. With time goes, people use bucket and bath chair that made from plastic. But there are still people who uses wooden bucket and chair. cool

Because our lodging are Japanese traditional style lodging, we use the wooden bucket and chair each every lodging. And last week we're changed a new wooden bucket and bath chair at one of our lodging  SATOI SHICHIJO MIBU KOSETSU.  heart
 So if you want to try to take a bath using the wooden bucket and bath chair, come and book our lodging NOW!

Wood Bucket and Bath Chair at KOSETSU

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