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Today we will introduce one of many traditional culture of Japan. 
Do you have heard about HOTAKI (火焚) or HOTAKI Festival?surprise maybe not many people know about this festival. Because this festival only held in Kyoto in early november. 

If we look in Japanese character (火焚), HOTAKI means fire burning, or make some smoke from burning something. But in this festival,  each temple in Kyoto will burning small wood or skewer that written with name of some office or bussiness place like hotel or restaurant. 

This festival has been carried in Kyoto since Edo period and held to pray for various wishes that written on HOTAKI KUSHI (small wood or skewer) while appreciating the autumn and wishing for good luck.They will bring the HOTAKI KUSHI to Temple and buring it together. smiley

Because in Kyoto Fushimi Inari Temple is very popular, today our SEN-Toji Lodging participate in this HOTAKI Event and written our lodging name on HOTAKI KUSHI. wink
So visit kyoto in early november to enjoy the HOTAKI Festival!!yes

Fushimi Inari HOTAKI KUSHI

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