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Medicine Box

Hi, Welcome back to Risshisha!
Today, Kyoto`s weather is really nice, and good to have look around in Kyoto. But lately,  it`s a bit cold in the night so is good to bring jacket when sightseeing at Kyoto.

So today we will introduce you about another new things at our office. Are you currious??surprise
Maybe you can guest while look the picture below right...

Yes, we have new medicine box! this medicine are prepare for guest. so while you stay at our lodging and you get some sick or injury, you can ask our staff and you can get the medicine you need with spend some money. 
You can find this medicine box at our Gojo and Shichijo front desk. please ask our staff anytimelaugh

You can feel safe and no worry when stay at our lodgingwink
See you again in next update..

Medicine Box

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