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Summer Fest Part 4 GOZAN NO OKURIBI / Daimonji Festival

Hi Welcome back to RISSHISHA

This Ttime we will introduce you the OBON season and the DAIMONJI festival. OBON is the most important season in Japan during summer. In this season are japanese believe that the dead spirit back to their home, so in this season are japanese back to their home town to reunite and celebrate with family member. 
The OBON season is held from between 10~18 August every year may different depended of the area. 

Yesterday OBON season in Kyoto was end, and to mark the end of OBON season there is event called DAIMONJI Festival or GOZAN NO OKURIBI translated as five mountain send of fire. This festival held on the east mountain of Kyoto and make a big japanese character with fire. they make japanese character DAI means BIG. 

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