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RISSHISA @ Muslim Friendly Map in Kyoto

Welcome back with RISSHISA! how do you feel today? Recently is rainy in Kyoto, hope you are doing well as you read this What's NEW?!wink
Okay maybe some all of you are corious why we put the Kyoto Map at our blog? this map is not common sightseeing map, but this made specialy for muslims gues that visit Kyoto for holiday. In this map you can find many recommended sightseeing places at Kyoto and exactly this Muslim Map edition is written in English. So it's very useful for foreigner guest are comming to Kyoto.

And not only the sigtseeing places in Kyoto but also you can find more restaurant to enjoy HALAL food. Because are muslims that traveled at Kyoto are very worry about the food that their ate or they feel uneasy to find some Halal food. So we and the kyoto tourism did some collaboration and make the MUSLIM FRIENDLY MAP IN KYOTO. We hope are guest and especially muslims can feel comfort and safety while visiting Kyoto. smiley

And if you see carefuly our RISSHISA hotel is noted in Kyoto Map as a MUSLIM FRIENDLY Ryokan or traditional hotel. It's mean that our hotel can support are muslim when stay at our hotel with halal informations and also prayer set. So Please feel free to come and stay at our RISSHISHA Hotel. We are also have one muslim staff so you can discusse something regarding your stay!laugh

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