Walking around Kyoto (Setsubun@Yoshida Shrine)

Hello this Maeda
from Risshisha.

I went to Yoshida shrine's
Setsubun Festival.

Yoshida Shrine near Kyoto University.
Passing through the Torii (gate) of the shrine
It is a mountain called Mt. Yoshida.
This entire mountain festival is taking place.
You will be enveloped in the atmosphere.

The highlight is the number of food stalls.
From the entrance to the shrine to near the summit,
There are about 800 food stalls expected to open.

At the Setsubun festival
The number of stall openings and crowds
I think it is the largest in Japan so far.

The origin of the Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Shrine
It seems to go back to the Muromachi period.

Setsubun is a three-day festival
in which people pray for good fortune.
the day before the first day of spring
and the day before and after.

During February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 
the largest number of stalls is on the 3rd day of Setsubun. 
Show the main character's excitement.

The lights of the stalls
in the dark mountains of winter
endlessly connected
and it was so fantastic.

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