• Vacation Rentals
  • 2~5 people
  • Bed 2F
  • taxi from Kyoto Station6-10 minutes

SEN/ Toji-Uomitsu 【No pets Allowed】【Baby Friendly】 【Muslim Friendly】
SEN/ Toji-Uomitsu 【No pets Allowed】【Baby Friendly】 【Muslim Friendly】
SEN/ Toji-Uomitsu 【No pets Allowed】【Baby Friendly】 【Muslim Friendly】
SEN/ Toji-Uomitsu 【No pets Allowed】【Baby Friendly】 【Muslim Friendly】
SEN/ Toji-Uomitsu 【No pets Allowed】【Baby Friendly】 【Muslim Friendly】

The number one carterer
was loved in a hometown
from early days of Showa era

1F is space for carterer
2F is space for restaurant

It is made the use as a
marriage ceremonial hall
and a banquet room

It passes for a thing long time
more than 60 years
It was the shop which deeply memory
In the life scene of people

Wave of the times to flock
UOMITSU closes a shop in the 1990s

It became the empty house for nearly 30 years
"UOMITSU revival project"
starts by Mayor of Kyoto-shi

The first-floor part is
our contracted caterer 「ひろ志」"HIROSHI"
The second-floor part is our hotel

Our corporate plan was accepted
UOMITSU exceeds time, and change a form
and reborn in Reiwa era

9 minutes by taxi , 15 min by foot from Kyoto Station
4 min by foot from Kintetsu Toji Sta.
2 min by foot from [Kujo Omiya] bus stop

Bus Stop near accommodation

Bus Time  Schedule near accommodation

Aclassic tenement house
over 100 yeras old
full renovation

A comfortable townhouse
added modern convenience in tradional house
with the historical of Kyoto

Couple trips, group trip
Girls gathering, class reunion, and friendship trip
In the scene of various Kyoto trips

From check-in
Until check-out
becomes self service, but

Preparation for urgent conditions (exclusive number)
has prepared near the guests

a washing machine and a kitchen utensil in the a living room,
a Japanese-style room, a bedroom,
courtyard earthen floor, a cypress bath, 
gather with the public household appliances of
Kyoto Townhouse, you can relax in peace

Our accommodation consist of 2 stories,
and the bedroom becomes on the second floor

Not a general tourist sightseeing spot
Our Machiya is came from life of Kytoto
placed in the quite residential area in Kyoto

Our accommodation acquires
the hotel business permission of Kyoto City,
and goes down Severe examination
In particular, Caustic surface-proof
Hygiene side,Standard of the function are clear

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Please obey the following matter on staying
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1. We asked your cooperation to the making of quite space,
    inside and outside the facilities
2. Smoking is prohibited in the surrounding area including your room     
3. Our accommodation [no pets allowed]

Our accommodation administration is managed
with cooperationof neighborhood inhabitants,
in the general residential area

Please be careful with noise and a loud voice.

In addition, please not smoking
in the surronding area including room

Check-in 16:00-20:00
Check-out By 11:00
People 2~6 people
Location 601-8437 115 NishikujoHieijocho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Cancellation policy Cancellation fees apply to reservation cancellations
made in the following period

No-show without contact: 100% of lodging fee
Day of: 100% of lodging fee
Day before: 100% of lodging fee
2 days before: 80% of lodging fee
6 to 3 days before: 50% of lodging fee
7 days before: 30% of lodging fee

Our accommodation is 2F only

Click the image to enlarge the

  • TV

  • Air conditioner

  • Floor heating

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishes · spoons · forks · knives · disposable chopsticks

  • microwave

  • IH stove

  • Tankpan (18 cm)

  • Electric kettle

  • Yukata set

  • Iron

  • Hair dryer

  • Toilet with washing machine

  • Wi-Fi

  • Safe

※Please see details in "common question"

*For those who go with babies
We prepare the following goods for an accommodation.
We lend and setting.
In addition, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Baby net・Bouncer・Baby chair

Smoking is prohibited in surronding area include the room. 
Our Hotel runs A renovation Kyoto Townhouse
more than 100 years preservation.
We ask your cooperation and understanding
to prevention of fire.
As wheelchairs customer, because it is the old townhouse
many step in accommodation, so please be careful

Homepage reservation privilege

Present one pieces each person (only at the beginning of stay)

Please let us know if you need whole day bus pass when reservation.
Please note that we can not provide, when there is not notification.

※It exclusively for guest who made a reservation through our HP
Can not provide for reservation made from other reservation site.
Thank you for you your understanding.

Shorten a cancellation period only for the customer of the reservation from the homepage!
Do not mind a cancellation period and just make a reservation !
Can make a reservation until the last moment!
There is benefit too, and flexible to make a reservation.
※Valid for reservation from 2018, July 13rd
※Whole rent Townhouse type,  so it is  fast to fully booked.
Make a reservation quickly.


Check-in Time:16:00~20:00

Check in guidance

*As the accommodation becomes the township,
please cooperate by check-in until 20:00.
When it is past 20:00, please contact us in advance.

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