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【KYOTO】Homepage reservation benefit

We would like to introduce you about the homepage benefits of Risshisha.

We mentioned the other day that the distribution of city bus tickets
as a reservation benefit would be discontinued.
To thank guests who booked reservations through our website,
we are happy to inform you that a replacement product has been set.

At the end of last year,
the pickles we served to our guests were well received,
so we have used this as a benefit.
(Kyo Tsukemono Mori )

Although the benefit is very different from that of a city bus ticket,
we hope you get a sense of Kyoto's uniqueness.

Guests who have booked a meal plan can get it with white rice.
Guests who booked a room without meals can be served as side dishes.
Of course, you can take it home as a souvenir.

Please try it.
We look forward to your reservation.

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