Cherry blossom season has finally come!

Hello this is Tanaka.

The long winter is over, and the spring has come.
Cherry blossoms have finally begun to bloom in Kyoto as an effect
of the early spring temperatures.

Kyoto has many cherry blossom viewing places, and we will share one of them today.

●●Keage Incline
339 Higashikomonozama-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8435

3 minutes on foot from exit Subway [Keage Station]
5 Minutes on foot from [Okazaki Hoshoji Machi] City bus stop

The Keage Incline is a tourist spot where the rails of a slope railway with a total length of about 582 meters are left,
linking the Keage Funa Dam upstream of the canal and the Nanzenji Funa Dam downstream.
On both ends of the rail, about 90 Yoshino cherry trees are planted in what looks like an arch.
It has been protected so that you can continue climbing the railing.

It's very wonderful to look down at the rail from where you've climbed
and then walk ahead without looking back.
The hill is steep enough to offer good exercise for those who do not exercise regularly.
Please try to walk without forcing yourself to.

If you go a little further from the Keage Incline, you will come across Nanzenji Temple.
This location is also quite attractive, with a nostalgic vibe and lots of nature,
and you can relax while time passes slowly.

I often saw people wearing Meiji-era costumes in wedding photos,
with cherry blossoms in the background.
With the recent increase in tourists and the fact that it is the cherry blossom season,
it's difficult to say that there aren't many people around.
It is open 24 hours a day, so arrive early in the morning.

It can still be cold at night, so carry an extra jacket.
It is expected to bloom fully this weekend.
We would really like it if you could use it to plan your sightseeing.

※All of the photographs linked are from previous years.

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