• Vacation Rentals
  • 2~6 people
  • Bed 2F
  • Dogs OK
  • Free parking ticket
  • taxi from Kyoto StationWithin 5mins.

SEN/ Shichijo-Heian 【Dog Friendly】【Baby Friendly】
SEN/ Shichijo-Heian 【Dog Friendly】【Baby Friendly】
SEN/ Shichijo-Heian 【Dog Friendly】【Baby Friendly】
SEN/ Shichijo-Heian 【Dog Friendly】【Baby Friendly】
SEN/ Shichijo-Heian 【Dog Friendly】【Baby Friendly】

RISSHISHA's Dog Friendly Accommodation

Our accomodation is dog friendly accommodation,
which is close to Nishi Honganji Temple,
and becomes whole reservations.

You can stay with your doggy comfotably
without worried about another customer.

We are proud of the scenary,
face to courtyard from the bathroom

With the stone paving wooden deck,
the colour change every season
and it is healed by a maple

The next door neighbor's cherry tree,
becomes the scenary background in spring.

In a open courtyard,
dog can feel free and ease

Stop at JR [Kyoto Sta. (Karasuma exit )]
5 min by Taxi

Stop at JR [Umekoji-Kyoto Nishi Station]
8 min by foot

Kyoto City Bus
Stop at [Shichijo Omiya] or
[Kyoto Suizokanmae]
5 min by foot

Please be careful about the taking a wrong one to the opposite direction
where the city bus 206 system becomes the circulation service

[Kyoto University area] becomes the opposite direction. Be careful

Details on the following Links

Kyoto Sta. No.206 Bus Time schedule
Kyoto Sta.Bus Stop

Bus Stop near accommodation
Bus Time  Schedule near accommodation

【To customer coming by car】

We have the partner parking lots.
We would provide a 2000 yen discount ticket
for partner parking lots use.
So please let us know if you need a parking ticket
when the reservation.
Please not that we can provide the parking ticket,
of the day og the check in day.

The provided parking ticket is just a service

In case of,
when it is parked any place other thanour designated parking lot,
Because designated parking lot is full, and you parked in other parking lots,
The parking fees are the burden of guests

There may be terms of the use,
a stop of the use for each change
of the parking rate and designated parking lot.

Please contact us for more details.

A Kyoto Townhouse more than 100 years old
Full Renovation

Not a general tourist sightseeing spot
Our Machiya is came from life of Kyoto
placed in the quite residential area in Kyoto

A comfortable townhouse
added modern convenience in tradional house
with the historical of Kyoto

Our accommodation is a member of the dog friendly,
You can stay in the same room
With your doggy

Washing place for your doggy has
installed at the entrance 

With snacks for your doggy
(Provide by Hankyu hello dog)

It becomes the good accommodation
To take a trip to Kyoto with a pet dog
For making of the wonderful memory.

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Please obey the following matter on staying
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To Guest who staying with pet,
please shows tthe antirabic mixed vaccine (five kinds or more).

Please feel free to contact us, in case of,
Only vaccinated in overseas (outside Japan)
Not yet vaccinated in own country (Japan)
Regardless of overseas and own country,
Not yet vaccinated,

Two pet dogs less than 20 kg,
To a small dog, medium-sized dog
(other case is negotiable)

When leave a pet dog in accommodation and go out,
Please use the cage that prepared in the accomodation. 

Our hotel cannot take responsibility at all.
Even if an injury, an escape, a fatal accident occur
by the verge emergency inevitability
that let you stay at home without
putting it in the cage.

Prohibit leaving of the feces and urine (including the marking)
that a pet dog went.
Both inside and outside the hotel.

Please take the feces that a pet dog went,
with a trash bag you can bring from the accommodation,
and put in the trash bag that prepared in accomodation. 

When there are markings during a walk,
please cleaning with the water your bring strictly.

When leaving of the feces and urine is discovered
inside and outside the hotel, after the check-out,
We will demand you 50,000 yen (tax-excluded) as a cleaning expense 

When there is a complaints about the feces and urine
from the neighborhood,
We will force you to leave from the accommodation.

Prohibited the nuisance act of your pet dog
(to be left loose from outside hotel, etc)

Please use the lead when  on a walk in hotel outside.
Do not to be left loose from outside hotel.

Check-in 15:00-20:00
Check-out By 11:00
People 2~6 people
Location 591-2 Hanabatake, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Cancellation policy Cancellation fees apply to reservation cancellations
made in the following period

No-show without contact: 100% of lodging fee
Day of: 100% of lodging fee
Day before: 100% of lodging fee
2 days before: 80% of lodging fee
6 to 3 days before: 50% of lodging fee
14 days before: 30% of lodging fee

  • Pet dog

  • Drum type washing machine

  • TV

  • Air conditioner

  • Floor heating

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishes · spoons · forks · knives · disposable chopsticks

  • microwave

  • IH stove

  • Tankpan (18 cm)

  • Electric kettle

  • Yukata set

  • Iron

  • Hair dryer

  • Toilet with washing machine

  • Wi-Fi

  • Safe

※Please see details in "common question"

*To guests bringing pet dogs
The following items are prepared at the house.

L shaped toilet tray, toilet tray sheets, dog mattress, water bowl (slip proof), food bowl (slip proof), paw washing tub, paw washing shower, dog bath, dog towel, hook with leash, dog trash can, dog trash bags, odor eliminating spray, fence with gate, lint roller, muzzle control mask.

*For those who go with babies
We prepare the following goods for an accommodation.
We lend and setting.
In addition, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Baby net・Bouncer・Baby chair

Smoking is prohibited in surronding area include the room. 
Our Hotel runs A renovation Kyoto Townhouse
more than 100 years preservation.
We ask your cooperation and understanding
to prevention of fire.
As wheelchairs customer, because it is the old townhouse
many step in accommodation, so please be careful

Homepage reservation privilege

Present one pieces each person (only at the beginning of stay)

Please let us know if you need whole day bus pass when reservation.
Please note that we can not provide, when there is not notification.

※It exclusively for guest who made a reservation through our HP
Can not provide for reservation made from other reservation site.
Thank you for you your understanding.

Pet toilet
Pet toilet
Pet trash can
Pet trash can
Pet deodorant
Pet deodorant
Pet`s foot washing place
Pet`s foot washing place
Pet washing bowl & towel
Pet washing bowl & towel
Pet bathub & towel
Pet bathub & towel
Pet bowl
Pet bowl
Pet bed
Pet bed

Check in Time : 15:00~20:00

Check in guidance

*As the accommodation becomes the township,
please cooperate by check-in until 20:00.
When it is past 20:00, please contact us in advance.

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