Stay feels like life in Kyoto (Tawara-An)

Hello This is Nakaki
from Risshisha.

Tawara-an is a Kyomachiya
that was renovated in the 30th Meiji era (1897).

Spending luxurious time in a historic building
is a blissful experience that makes you feel nostalgic.

This time we woul like to introduce the west room.
When you open the door,
you can see the inner garden from the space,
which has a high ceiling and a sense of openness.
I forget that I am in Kyoto.

Passing through the living room,
where the scent of tatami spreads,
There is a bedroom with Simmons beds.

It's feel like life here....

The recommended time for the sun to set is
before the evening sun comes in through the large windows.

Please enjoy the space,
the garden, and the sunset.

Tawara An (West room)

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