Miyako Odori

Hello this is Nakaki.

Miyako Odori

The 2020 Miyako Odori will be performed at
the new venue, Kaburenjo.
Entitled "Shinka Budai Gion Hanei,"
the opening of a new era in Gion
will bring further prosperity to the ancient capital of Kyoto.
With the wish that prosperity spreads to the whole world,
we gather together the auspicious events of all ages and countries and dance.

When the curtain rises with the shout of "Yo..isa..,"
without ever lowering the curtain.
Geiko and Maiko wearing seasonal costumes,
They appear one after another and invite you into the world of dance.

The masterpiece costumes are made by masters of Kyoto Yuzen and Nishijin textiles.
The stage setting makes full use of traditional Japanese painting techniques.
The appearance of the famous historic site is faithfully reproduced.

Miyako Odori is a tradition of Kyoto, Japan.
So enjoy it when you have chance to travel to Kyoto.

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