Walking around Kyoto (Kamogawa Delta)

Hello welcoma back to Risshisha.
This is Maeda.

I walked around Kamogawa River 
after a long time.

It was beautiful
when the sun is set.

In this time many people
walked on rocks on the survace
of the river, to croos the river.

Kyoto waas entering the autumn season,
but the weather was still like summer,
many childern play at the river,
some people put the chair on the river,
and some people doing the best earthing.
It is perfect idea!

For those who gather in the Kamogawa Delta,
It is said that it is characterized by the place
and made it a map
and it seems to have become a hot topic on SNS.
It is interesting(^^)
(The following picture is from Twitter @Cochi_wan)

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