Walking around Kyoto (Hagi Festival)

Hello this is Maeda
from Risshisha.

I went to Nashiki Shrine's
Hagi festival.

*)Hagi=Japanese clover

Nashiki Shrine located
west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

I have been went so far until this area,
but just passing by, and never went inside.
I heard that an elegant festival is being held.
called the Hagi Festival
The weather was good too,
so I went there.

Nashiki Shrine is 
also known as (Shrine of Japanese clover)
It seems represent Kyoto as
famous place of Hagi.


When it comes to Hagi season in September
every year Haiku and tanka strips
Bound by bush clover blooming in the precincts.

On the day of Hagi Festival
there is held any traditional event
such us tea ceremony, Buyo dance,
japanese archery, and japanese sword martial art.

When I came 
there was Buyo Dance show.

I also 
tried the Tea ceremony.

I take a look at the ceremony
and had tea and sweets.

After the tea ceremony
Iai was about to begin on stage.

I am looking up around the stage,
and many visitor hold their breath.

There is a sense of urgency
an iai that cuts through the tense atmosphere.

*   *   *   *   * 

I can spend the
experience traditional arts
an unexpectedly elegant autumn moment,
while looking at the waka strips,
​Hagi blooming road.


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