Eating and walk around Kyoto (畑善 : Hatazen)

Hello Welcome back to Risshisha!

I would like to introduce the "Hatazen"
that progressed to be able to let you tie up
by our new restaurant plan.

Hatazen is the well known restaurant,
which has been loved by Kyoto's people for many years.

There was custom to ask for dishes
to a catering restaurant when
there was some auspicious occasion in Kyoto,
Hatazen runs a restaurant delivery service,
and was open in Ukyo sound Toyama until last year.

Now, because some people love
and want to enjoy the menu of the restaurant,
Hatazen re-open as the "Kaiseki Ryori" (the traditional kyoto food)restaurant
with the limit customer two sets a day,
at Imperial Palace (Marutamachi).

This time we ask our 3 male staff to went to food testing,
and take a picture of one set "Kaiseki Ryori".
and they have a good photo session.

Dishes of Hatazen was so delicious.

Because it only two sets of limitation a day,
Advance reservations are necessary.

It was worth having come to Kyoto
and can have this dish!
It is well known restaurant,
which doesn't disappoint expectation!
So please give it try!

338, Masuyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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