The Famous Japanese style confectionary store [Nijo-Wakasaya]

Hello welcome back to Risshisha!

This time we will give service for our guest
who stay at our Machiya Hotel in 31st.
That is Brown sugar mochi [Kurozato warabimochi].

This is the most famous mochi in Kyoto
from Japanese style confectionary store [Nijo-Wakasaya].

Our staff have tasted before
and this is so tasty, soft and chewy.

when first enter your mouth, 
the brown sugar is very tasteful and addictive.

This year and last year were the thoughtest years
for the tourism business.
But all can be overcome thank to your support.

And the last,
All of us staff, very appriciated and thank you
for your support for this year
Happy new year and have good new year.
Looking forward again for your stay in the next year.

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