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Muslim Friendly Japanese Curry

Good Evening! Welcome back to Risshisha!wink
How are you today? It was cold today and a little rain fell as usual.  Why do not you enjoy curry to warm your body during this cold?  surprise
You can stay at Rishisha and eat delicious and healthy curry.
The Kafe Furyu sell a curry as a lunch menu in a new café that built around December last year near the Rishisha Gojo office.  There are also provide Muslim-friendly menu. There are vegetable curry and shrimp curry.  No meat is used in either menu and the seasonings can be eaten by Muslim guest because they use spicy and curry herbs.  
You can get Muslim friendly menu if you tell the cafe staff. This cafe does not use pork, so Muslims and Japanese can enjoy it safely.  We look forward to your visit..yes


Vegetable Curry


Vegetable Curry 2


Shrimp Curry


Shrimp Curry 2

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