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New Matters @ MIBU-JUKU Umekoji

Hi Good day!
Welcome back to Risshisha!
As usual today Kyoto's weather is still cold. So please keep warm when you visiting Kyoto smiley

Today we will show you a new things that we add at our MIBU-JUKU Ryokan. 
Strarting yesterday we set the new mattress at  MIBU-JUKU Umekoji. 
We set the mattress thicker than before so our guest can really enjoy the room when they stay at our lovely MIBU-JUKU. 
We put 2 mattres at each room and now we has put the beds at [Nagakura, Hajime, Kanryuuai] room. 
Next we will put the mattress in the other roomlaugh
So what are you waiting for!! come and enjoye our new bed at MIBU-JUKU Umekojiwink

New Mattress
New Mattress

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