Light up the world 'Kojima Shoten'

The weather is getting cooler,
and the soft scent of osmanthus
wafts around Risshisha.

The other day,
I was asked to create a lantern to mark the Risshisha.
So I visited Kojima Shoten.

Founded about 200 years ago,
they use traditional techniques to attract people
from Kyoto to all over the country and the world.

9th generation, Mamoru Kojima
10th generation, Ryo Kojima

Until his father, the 9th generation, worked as a wholesaler,
mainly doing subcontract work and lighting up a variety of places.

Currently, his son Ryo Kojima, the 10th generation, has incorporated lanterns,
which used to be a symbol of festivals, into his lifestyle.

As a new initiative, it has started to attract attention
from the world of interior design.

All processes are completed by hand using traditional methods,
with family members dividing up the roles.

While being focused on the work being done in front of me,
The fragrance of bamboo, seaweed, and washi paper
that you cannot experience every day wafts through the air.

Also feel the warm, homely atmosphere of the Kojima family.

Kyoto has many traditional crafts,
but there are some techniques
that have breathed new life into them and continue to receive recognition
around the world.
It is decreasing every year.

Kyoto lanterns welcome everyone.

Please take a look when you come to our Machiya,
The soft light of Kojima Shoten welcomes you.

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