Walking around Kyoto (Sanjusan gendo)

Hello welcome to Risshisha.
This is Maeda.

I went to see 
the archery event called

*Japanese only

that held in Sanjusangen-do.

New adult girls in haori and hakama
A dignified figure shooting a bow,

As a tradition of the New Year in Kyoto
Frequently appears in the news.

*The above image was borrowed from the Mainichi Shimbun.

In fact, new adult boys and
elderly people too.
was participating in a competition.

gathered from all over the country
The precincts were full of young people in their best clothes.
really gorgeous atmosphere.

Anyone who is a new adult is considered a torrent.
can't participate thhis competition.

By the fall of the previous year,
which is the competition deadline,
It seems you can't apply.
Unless you are a 1st Dan or above.

Other than new adults,
only those who have titles such as
Shihan can participate.

This day is
1,001 Senju Kannon statues form a line.
The main hall of Sanjusangendo is also open for free.
Many pilgrims were visiting.

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