Walking around Kyoto (The Kibune Yamadoko )

Hello this is Maeda
From Risshisha 

Talking about Summer in Kyoto
Is Kibune Kawasaki.
I went out after a long time.

Build a tower directly over the river
to eat on it
What a cool custom.

the sound of water
resounding with a thud
the river flows 
right under where you sit

Somehow make me think 
A long time ago, the aristocrats of Kyoto
Enjoying the coolness of summer.

I was have a nice time 
to spend Among the voices of cicadas
and the sound of water.

 This time
 I went to Beniya.
 Food is cooling the eyes
 It was delicious.

Kibune is in the mountains 
It is about an hour from Kyoto city 
by train and bus

Compared to Kyoto City,
which is famous for the hot summer,
It is said to be minus 10 degrees
It's cool.

When traveling to Kyoto
Why don't you 
stretch your legs a little 
And go out?
There is no doubt 
Will be a trip to be remembered (^^)

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