Walking around Kyoto (Gozan no Okuribi)

Hello welcome back to Risshisha.
This is Maeda.

I have come to the place that 
can see the japanese character「大」.

Gozan no Okuribi festival
held on August 16.

The last year of 
Gozan no Okuribi was called of.
It is lighted only a part of the letter.

It’s been three years
To see the perfect shape.

I was seeing from 
the rooftop of a nearby mansion
But, this year  I participated in 
the ”farewell Okuribi” event
held by Okura Hotel.

Ignition starts at 8pm.
But Unfortunately, there was a severe thunderstorm just before this day.

It was raining heavily, 
and it seems impossible
but, Just before 8 o'clock,
it was a light rain and 
it was safely ignited.

I thought that the prayers of many people 
must have reached heaven.

For the first time in 3 years Gozan Okuribi
Held Safe and beautiful lighting.
It was really good (^^)

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