Risshisha's News

New equipment in SEN Toji & SATOI Tessen

Hello this is Nakaki 
from Risshisha!

We really appreciate your use of the Risshisha Hotel.
We would like to express our thanks to every guest.
that stays at our hotel as a new project of Risshisha.
To improve your stay even more, we are upgrading the amenities.

We have been replacing the hair dryers at each room since last year.
We'd want to make some fresh improvements to the popular Futajuku.

SEN Toji Uomitsu

Walk to Toji Temple in one minute.
The most renowned caterer, adored by everyone
since the early Showa period
The hotel here has been renovated from 'Uomitsu.'

We have placed a large sofa in this room,
which is often used by families,
that can comfortably seat a lot of people.

This sofa may be adjusted to suit different needs.
Ideal for large groups and families together.

Feel free to relax.

SATOI Omiya Gojo Tessen

Kyomachiya built over 150 years ago
Among the Risshisha accommodations,
this is an accommodation that gives you a sense of the past.

This room's bathroom has new fixtures installed.

It's been getting a lot of attention lately in TV advertising.
Mirable Ultra-Fine Shower.

You may all be familiar with this.
Not only do the tiny bubbles improve the beauty
of your face, look, and hair, they also save water.
It also has very good impacts on physical appearance.

There is no cypress bathtub at this accommodation. There is a microbubble jet bath in the bathtub.

A bathroom where you may experience nostalgia
mixed with modern amenities.
We hope your travel-related tiredness will lessen.

We hope you keep enjoying it.
We appreciate your feedback and suggestions
as we work to further improve our other accommodations.

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