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Shime Parfait (Limited Plan)

Happy news from Risshisha!

We will start offering a Shime parfait service,
based on applicable plans, on November 1, 2023.
In actuality, this "service" is free!
With regards to the parfait, we partnered with "Banks'',
a well-known restaurant for its shaved ice,
to develop an original new menu specially for Risshisha.

You might want to take a walk or do something refreshing after dinner at your inn.
We hope that you will remember this when you come see us.

Customers who have reserved a qualifying plan
are the only ones who can get this parfait.
After checking the following details, we would appreciate it if you
considered booking your accommodation.

[Applicable Plans] * A total of 5 types
・Selected dinner (hot pot) and breakfast plan.
・Dinner (A5 Sukiyaki) plan.
・Dinner Kinobu and selected breakfast plan.
・Dinner: Shoku to Mori and a Kyoto-style sandwich plan.
・Dinner Crab hot pot and selected breakfast plan.

Please come directly to the cafe.
Banks Cafe Sake & Ice
276 Shimochofukuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

【business hours】
Last order: 20:30

2 types of seasonal fruit parfaits.

Mango Parfait
Mango Parfait
Persimon Parfait
Persimon Parfait

※The photograph is an image
*Menu may change depending on the season.

Please feel free to contact Risshisha, if you have any concerns.
We look forward to your reservation.

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