Hello this is Nakaki from Risshisha!
How are you doing?
The hot days continue,
but there is a little softness in the sunlight.
The wind after the evening started to feel nice.

I went to Ginkakuji.
In Kyoto, there is a strong image of Kinkaku-ji.
So many people visit Kinkaku-ji.


Ginkakuji does not shine silver.
Unlike Kinkaku-ji, it does not have a large, glittering temple or decorations.
Only the garden, Kannondo, and Togudo.

It's like Japanese WabiSabi
(the view or thought of finding beauty in
every aspect of imperfection in nature).
A space where time flows slowly,
It will lead you to a special time.

The garden has been carefully maintained in every corner.
beautiful, no matter which way you look at it.

Depending on the time of visit and season,
Another appeal of Ginkakuji is that
you can enjoy a different kind of beauty.

Yoshimasa Ashikaga, who inherited the position of shogun at just 15 years old,
He had excellent sensibilities and captivated many people
with her aesthetic sense and religious views.
which reflects his image, you will understand.
When you visit Ginkaku-ji.

Ginkaku-ji Temple is also known as the "Phantom Moon Palace.''
Yoshimasa, who loved the beauty of the moon,
wanted the moon to be visible from anywhere.
So it has been thoughtfully made.

The moon reflected in the big pond,
A mountain named Tsukimachiyama.
It is said that at a time when there was no electricity,
the moon illuminated the darkness.

Beauty and sensibility are reflected throughout Ginkaku-ji Temple.

I love Ginkakuji, which is full of charm.

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