Kyoto Aoi Matsuri 2023

Hello this Nakaki 
from Risshisha.

Aoi Festival 2023

One of Kyoto's three big festivals,
it has a history of 1400 years.
Due to the influence of the coronavirus,
this was the first road ceremony in four years.
An elegant procession of 500 people parades from
Kyoto Gyoen to Shimogamo Shrine
and then to Kamigamo Shrine.

Speaking of Kyoto, many people think of the Gion Festival.
Aoi Matsuri is the oldest festival in Kyoto.

A large procession of horses, cows, and historically gorgeous costumes
traverses the main streets of Kyoto.
This is a scene unique to this festival.

In the coming season, when it rains a lot,
This ritual was started to prevent crops from growing.
I hope that the weather will be good this year and
that Kyoto's specialty products will be a bountiful harvest.

I hope this Aoi Festival will continue for the next 1000 years.

The Aoi Festival that I saw for the first time
Even at the end of Golden Week,
I came to see the Aoi Festival.
Please comeand visit Risshisha's townhouses.
All the staff are looking forward to seeing you!

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