Walking around Kyoto (Nanakusagayu)

This Maeda from Risshisha.

7th after New Year's Day is
a day to eat nanakusa porridge.

*)Nanakusagayu (nanakusa porridge) is a porridge cooked with 7 kinds of herbs. 

7 herbs package is
also sold in the supermarket.

This is the habit of resting the stomach,
after cosuming a new year meal.

When walking through Nishiki Market
smeel the smell of grilled seafood
that looks so delicious.


Various kinds of Japanese rice wine.

The alcohol is not to strong
I don't actively drink.
But, I stopped to enjoy
the tension of the New Year.

Japanese rice wine served until almost full.
It seems like good deal.

Japanese Style Seafood Barbecue
is also recommended.

It has become a Nanakusa porridge plus alpha.
I should be restrained.(^^)

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