Walking around Kyoto (Evening Moon-View @ Daikakuji Temple )

Hello welcome back to Risshisha.
This is Maeda.

In Mid-Autumn, 
I went to Daikakuji Temple
to view a moon-Viewing event.

There is event to appreciate
the two moons from a boat.
The moon floating in the sky,
and the moon reflected on
the surface of the pond.

Long ago, Emperor Saga
Floating a boat on Ozawa Pond
with nobles and men of culture
It is said that he loved the mid-autumn harvest moon.

*    *    *    *

Sightseeing boat tickets
are very popular, there is only about 100.
Actually, I got it from waiting for cancellation.

Ticket price
Temple entrance : 500 Yen
Boat ticket : 5,000 Yen

The Beautiful ligth up pond
upon our sight.

Wait your turn,
While listening to sutras
and flute performances.
and having matcha and sweets.


The dark lake surface
illuminated by the moonlight.
And it was so fantastic to see
The way the boats glide back and forth.

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