Walking around Kyoto (Ninna-ji Temple lantern Festival)

Hello wecome back to Risshisha.
This is Maeda.

I participated in the lantern festval
was held at the Ninna-ji Temple.

A festival to throw a lantern in the night sky
I knew that it was a foreign country.

I wanted to go sometime, but there was a similar festival in Japan and was held in Kyoto.

Opening in the 18:00,
at a national treasure temple, Of gagaku,
and there is a semi-western style perfomance
of the soprano from gagaku.

Then write a wish on strip of paper of the lantern
and stick to a lantern,

In the sutra-chanting of a drum and the priest
I throw a lantern in the night sky.

The Japanese style lantern is 
a thread is attached and achieves a kite.

It becomes the ecological festival to rewind a thread  and to collect the lantern when festival is over.

It was many light of the lantern
hit a summer night sky
An each person's wish was put on lantern.

It is fantastic and is beautiful
I thought that it was good
Can participate in this event.


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