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Risshihsa Contribution to society (Part 1)~Supporting the boy soccer team ~

Welcome back to Risshisha,
this is Maeda.

This time, I would like to report
the progressed to support 
the boy soccer team Okusaka FC.

Okusaka FC is
Youth soccer team
for elementary school student,
based on Takatsuki,Osaka.

It is a freshly made team
establishment on April 2022

Mr. Sakai, my junior in college,
In establishing a team
and we are happy to support.

The characteristic of Okusaka FC is
A former professional football player
give direct instruction for children.

The owner, Mr. Sakai is also
A former professional football player.

A former professional football player,
Mr.Kozawa and Mr.Nakaki
is our employee and also act as a coach.


The team philosophy

"Thanks and respect"
"Feelings to enjoy"

We follow and sympathize
with this philosophy.


I look forward to the figure that
children will mature into mind and body
through soccer in future.

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