About lodgings

How many days ahead can I reserve?
You can reserve up to 6 months in advance. (All reservations must be made online.)
How do I make a reservation?
Find the facility you are interested in on the lodgings overview page, then click the “Reserve here” button to make a reservation.
Up to how many people can stay? What is the lodging capacity?
This depends on the facility. Please check the detailed information for the facility.
Is there a cancellation fee?
Cancellation fees apply for reservation cancellations requested during the following periods.
No-show without contact: 100% of the lodging fee
Day of: 100% of the lodging fee
Day before: 100% of the lodging fee
2 days before: 80% of the lodging fee
6 to 3 days before: 50% of the lodging fee
14 to 7 days before: 30% of the lodging fee
I do not know if I can stay with a typhoon?
Even in case of difficulty in accommodation due to natural disasters etc., we are basically canceled according to cancellation policy of each inn or each plan.
What should I do if I destroy the furnishings of the hotel?
Please contact us if there is damage, breakdown, incompleteness of equipment in the hotel.
In case of deliberate damage, etc., we may obtain repair cost.
If damage is confirmed after checkout, there is a case to contact for confirmation.
Please acknowledge it.

About access

Is there a parking lot?
This depends on the facility. Please check the detailed information for each facility. (Lodging overview)

About amenities/ services

Can I send my luggage in advance?
Yes. Please contact us in advance if you will be sending luggage.
Risshisha Inc.
Shimochofukuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8375
Can I smoke?
We are sorry for inconveniencing smokers, but smoking is not allowed in any of our facilities. Machiya houses are made of wood, so we ask for your understanding in this matter.
If you smoke in our facility for any reason, you will be held liable for a cleaning fee.
Smoking is also prohibited in the surrounding area. You will also have to pay a cleaning fee if a cigarette smell remains in your room.
If the room becomes unusable due to a cigarette smell, you will also be held liable for lodging fees for the period we are unable to rent the room.
*Please also refrain from using IQOS/ electric cigarettes.
Is there a bath?
This depends on the facility. Please check the detailed information for each facility. (Lodging overview)
Can my pet stay with me?
This depends on the facility.
Please check “pet dogs OK” in “Refine by preference” under “Refined search” on the lodging facility overview page to search for facilities that board pets. (Lodging overview)


Do I have to pay damages if I break any structures or amenities?
Please understand that guests are liable for all damages, both intentional and accidental.

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