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Kyoto Aquarium

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Recently Kyoto's weather is really unpredictable, this time is still summer but sometimes you will find the day with sudden rain come. So in that unpredictable Kyoto's weather,  we will introduce you the places to go in Kyoto when the weather is not unpredictable. 
For today we will intoduce you the "Kyoto Aquarium". This Aquarium placed in Umekoji Park. And you can acess this place only 5 minutes by walk from our MIBU-JUKU and SATOI KOSETSU hotel. It's really recommended place you have to go if you stay at our Hotel. laugh

Lining up in front of Kyoto Aquarium

Even Kyoto is far from the sea, but Kyoto have a nice Aquarium and varoius collections. Not only fish or animal that bring from the sea, but also they have collections that bring from river around kyoto. Such a Salamander, many various river fish from tiny fish until large fish are place nicely in Kyoto Aquarium. wink

Kyoto aquarium also have seasonal animal collections. They arrange the fish and etc depends on the season. For this summer they set the big salamander for the main theme and also have main shows that is Dolphin shows. Special for this summer they have 3 times for dolphin show in day, evening, and night. surprise

The big salamander
The big salamander
1F Atmosphere of Kyoto Aquarium
1F Atmosphere of Kyoto Aquarium
Dolphin show
Dolphin show

If you have much time to spend in Kyoto Aquarium you can enjoyed the Night dolphin show and the night view of Kyoto Aquarium. If you have strolling around all of spot in the Kyoto Aquarium you can enjoy the main aquarium at 1F. You can see the little shark, stingray, and also school of fish swim in the big aquarium with some back sound that will comfort your feeling. we guarantee that your stress will released after you visited this place. angel
Kyoto Aquarium also have cafetaria inside the building in variatif menu.If currious about the Kyoto aquarium, lease kindly find the detail below:
Adress : 〒600-8835 京都市下京区観喜寺町35-1 (梅小路公園内)In Umekoji Park 
Phone : 075-354-3130
HP       :http://www.kyoto-aquarium.com/en/index.html
Admission   : 
General Admission: ¥2,050
University and High School Students: ¥1,550
Junior High and Elementary School Students: ¥1,000
Children 3 and Older: ¥600 

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