Shuonan Ikkyuji Temple

Hello! This is Nakaki from Risshisha.

Kyotanabe City in Kyoto Prefecture,
is 40 minutes by car from Kyoto city.

Also close to Osaka and Nara.

This temple is the sacred place of Ikkyu-san,
who is famous in the anime,
and there is a temple where Ikkyu-san is buried.

Shuonan Ikkyuji Temple is located in
a quiet area with many rice fields.

Unlike the famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto City,
It may be smaller and less glamorous, but、
There are few people, and every corner is neatly arranged.
making this temple a somewhat relaxing place.

Ikkyu lived when Zen Buddhism was flourishing
and protected by the Muromachi Shogunate.
On the other hand, it was also a rough time,
with monks taking bribes and causing uprisings.

Witnessing this background, Ikkyu sought the true nature of Zen
and true enlightenment.
It is said that he lived his entire life there
and decided to visit this slightly remote place.

When you enter the building, there is a nostalgic atmosphere.
When you look at the neatly arranged and laid white stones, it's so beautiful.
There are times when I feel as though I have attained enlightenment in this place.

There aren't many tourists, so you can sit on the verandah
and relieve your tiredness.
It's also perfect for taking time to reflect on yourself.

There are also folding screens, bridges, and bronze statues of Ikkyu
that are familiar from the anime all over the temple.
It's a wonderful space that you will never get tired of.

This temple, also known as the Bamboo Temple or the Carpet of Autumn Leaves.

It will become even more attractive during the upcoming autumn season.

Be sure to visit this slightly remote place when you come to Kyoto.

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