Yasaka Shrine

Hello This is Nakaki.
How have you been? Are you doing well?

5 minutes walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station,
there is a large shrine at the end of Shijo-dori that crosses Gion.

It's a world-class tourist attraction.
And everyone is familiar with it and
calls it "Gion-san" or Yasaka-san,"
I went to Yasaka Shrine yesterday.

The main shrine uses bright vermilion,
and you will be overwhelmed by it.
The dance hall is decorated with many lanterns,
and there are many attractions in the precincts.

Each building has its own meaning and functions.

Another reason why Yasaka Shrine is so popular
is that you can visit it 24 hours a day.
The fibes that change for each scene
from morning to night are also attractive.

It was also lit up until 22:00,
so you can enjoy it for a walk after dinner.

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