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New Menu from "Hiroshi"

Hi Welcome back to Risshisha!!

Risshisha's exclusive caterer "Hiroshi"
Have A new menu is on sale from July.
The good thing about catering is that you can enjoy authentic food in your room.yes

What is catered "Hiroshi"?
It is a catered dish exclusively for Risshisha.cool

We offer a variety of dishes in the plan.
Such as, Sukiyaki with plenty of Kyoto vegetables,
hot pot using seasonal ingredients, etc.

From the caterer "Hiroshi"
A new menu will be available from July.

Three kinds of menus have been added, and the staff tasted it the other day.
Everything was delicious. blush

The Kyotamba Kogen pork summer Harihari-nabe,
which is the most refreshing of the three, will be on sale until September 30th.
Please try it by then.

Spicy duck curry
Spicy duck curry
Sea bream hot pot
Sea bream hot pot
The Kyotamba Kogen pork summer Harihari-nabe
The Kyotamba Kogen pork summer Harihari-nabe

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