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Machiya Stay + Restaurant Plan

Welcome back to Risshishasmiley

Time flies so fast, and fall is coming...
fall is the most favourite season,
but it seems this year will be shortcrying

By the way, today we will introduce the new plan restaurant!!
that will starting from this October.

By reservation this plan, you can go to the famous restaurants in Gion Area,
that carefully selected by Risshishacool

There are 3 restaurant and have 2 courses meal. 
15,000 yen and 20,000 yen.

1. Gion Fuji ぎをん藤
In Gion Fuji, you can enjoye the combination of tempura and champagne. 
Menu: Seafod, Vegetables tempura, rice bowl, etc

2. Roji Tonomoto 路地 との本
Enjoy the various sushi at Roji Tonomoto.
Menu: Sushi, Sashimi, niidle, fried & grilled food, etc

3. Ristorante t.v.b 
Italian Restaurant
Menu : Cold & warm pasta, main dish, etc.

You can make a reservation through the
Risshisha HP, Rakuten Travel, Jalan, and Ikkyu.com.

So please try and enjoy our new plan...

See you...

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