Kyo-Machiya(Kyoto Townhouse) Inn

Stay at Kyo-Machiya(Kyoto Townhouse) Inn

as if you were living in Kyoto,

a city of tradition and culture.

When you think about Kyoto, you usually think of the traditional scenery that may be considered Japan's original nature.
But Kyoto townhouses are disappearing because they are difficult to preserve for a variety of reasons,
including high expenses and repair work.

I want to help protect Kyoto's scenery. We want to reconstruct Kyomachiya in its current environment rather than as a landscape of memories.
This is the concept that inspired Risshisha.

The interior has been completely restored, but the exterior still keeps the classic Kyomachiya appearance.
We provide accommodations in Kyomachiya where you can stay in modern comfort.

Kyoto is a historical and cultural city that people all around the world want to visit.
Please feel free to explore Kyoto as much as you want while staying at a Kyomachiya.

○Vacation rentals type・・12 (Pet dog friendly 4)  ○Japanese style hotel・・2 ○Hotel・・1

○Vacation rentals type・・12
 (Pet dog friendly 4)
○Japanese style hotel・・2