Our Philosophy

Experience the Enchantment of Old Japan

We offer a staying experience that captures the essence of “good ancient Japan'” in the hearts of Japanese people.
The city, the people, the cuisine, and the architecture.
We will explore the nostalgic and emotional ''good ancient Japan'' of many parts of Japan and pass
it on to the future through a stay experience.

We promise 3 things.


Made a historical building filled with history and culture into an inn.

Now, the historical buildings that formed the local landscape are disappearing as a result of aging and economic issues.
By maintaining historical buildings and transforming them into "inns," we preserve Japan's fading landscape while also bringing it into the future.


A comfortable "accommodation" for modern life.

Old buildings will naturally suffer some damage; while they are still beautiful, they are difficult to maintain due to temperature variations and comfort when occupied.
We renovate our accommodations to make them more comfortable to live in,
and we offer relaxing spaces that are suitable for today's lifestyle.


Providing experiences that allow you to explore culture.

We provide experiences that allow you to explore the region's traditions and culture.
We believe enjoying the local people, activities, food, and culture will make the stay more satisfying.
Please feel free to reach out to us, as we will introduce and provide meals, cultural experiences, etc.


Comming Soon...

About us

Risshisha was founded in Kyoto in July 2014. Originally from Tokyo, I spent four years of my university life in Kyoto, growing to love the city deeply. Despite having lived in Tokyo and abroad for work, I always made time to frequently visit Kyoto.

I witnessed the streetscapes of Kyoto, especially those of the traditional machiya townhouses, change progressively. Due to the labor and cost of repairs among various other reasons, these machiya were often relinquished by their owners, only to be replaced with concrete buildings.

Concerned that this would alter the cityscapes of Kyoto that I so dearly loved, I wanted to protect Kyoto's landscapes. My aim was to revive the machiya not merely as landscapes in memory but as part of modern living. This desire became the foundation upon which Risshisha was established.

Beyond Kyoto, Japan is home to magnificent traditions and cultures that should be preserved for the future. Yet, just like the machiya, there are historical buildings, cultures, and traditions throughout Japan at risk of disappearing for similar reasons.
We commit to preserving these historical assets, traditions, and cultures across Japan, helping to ensure they endure into the future. It is my hope that by slowly expanding this circle of commitment, we contribute to protecting Japan.
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    Risshisha Co,ltd.,

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    4F 21 Arai Building, 1-20-6 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Kyoto main office

    279 Shimochofukuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

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    Maeda Koji

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    Kyoto main office/+81-75-468-1417

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