Autumn in Kyoto (Chion-In Temple-Maruyama Park)

Hello welcome back to Risshisha!
This is Maeda.

last week couldn't go out,
this time I want to introduce the Chion-In Temple,
which Maruyama Park area,
 I visited a while ago.


Speaking of Chion-in Temple
It is famous for ringing bells on New Year's Eve.

This year, there is only one month left.

The temple of those ringing bells on New Year's Eve,
to drift with a "gong" in a year to come every year
in the NHK "yuku toshi kuru toshi" tv show. of the year is this Chion-in Temple.

It is a solemn appearance.


Trees around Chion-in Temple
turned red beautifully.

Walk a bit from Chion-in Templem,
To Maruyama-koen Park from Yasaka-jinja Shrine back.

many people come to see colored leaves.

and there is restaurant and the cafe neraby.

The youth dressed in the kimono of the fashion, here and there.
It is a good thing (^^)

You also can see in Youtube!

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